How To Keep Your Yard and Home’s Exterior Sparkling Clean

Keeping your home and yard clean will not only make it more inviting, but it will also have more curb appeal. There are a number of ways to keep the exterior of your home sparkling and in good condition. The key is to keep up on it and to do it annually.

When cleaning your home, an electric pressure washer will become your best friend. It will make even the toughest and grimiest tasks easier and in much less time than if you tried to clean with a sponge and bucket of water. Plus, it will make it possible to reach hard-to-reach places. If you don’t already have one, an electric pressure washer is a great investment. According to TBEPW, you can use it for many different jobs, and you can even use it to clean off your car. Most pressure washers will come with different nozzle types so you can pick the best one for the job.

You should try to spend some time every year on things such as cleaning off your deck, cleaning out your gutters, and also resealing your driveway. You will also want to fill any cracks with a concrete filler to prevent further damage. It will also make your driveway and sidewalk look better. In order to keep your home looking nice, you should also pay special attention to any potted plants or garden areas. Keep them free from weeds and get rid of any that are struggling. You may also need to thin them if the plants and flowers are beginning to get crowded. This will also allow the remaining plants to become healthier and will give them more room to spread and to mature. 

If you have risers or paving stones that have become crooked or out-of-place, you will want to tidy those up as well. You should also fertilize your lawn twice a year to make sure that your grass gets what it needs to thrive. Treat weeds as soon as you see them sprout up so that they don’t have the chance to spread. You will also want to rake up any leaves that are on your lawn. You should also keep your lawn trimmed. It may be time to reseal your deck or give it a fresh coat of paint. 

Do not forget to check your roof for loose or missing shingles and make sure that the flashing around your chimney to make sure that it is sealed. If your roof is over 10 or fifteen years old, it may be time to replace it. Clean your windows so that you can see out and lest the sunshine it. If you don’t like heights, the good news is that your pressure washer will be able to reach those high windows so you won’t need to haul out the ladder. 

You may also want to give your fence and home a fresh coat of paint or stain. If there are any pickets that need to be replaced you should repair them. Paint can do wonders, and if your home is looking kind of drab, his will give it a facelift. By taking good care of your home, you will also avoid problems such as pests and rodent problems because there won’t be as many places to hide and to make nests. 

It may not seem like any of these jobs will do much, but it is the little details that really count. People notice these things ad you want your home to make a good first impression. You want your home to communicate to others that you take care of your home and that you take great pride in your abode and yard. 

It can able helpful to keep a checklist to make sure that you don’t forget to do anything important. If you take the time to do your maintenance will keep your home looking nice and prevent problems caused by neglect.

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