3 Ways To Warm Up Your Home’s Aesthetic

We want our homes to feel warm and welcoming. When we come home for the day we want to feel comfortable, safe, and secure. Much of this obviously relies on how calm and collected we are and our families are throughout our daily lives, but we can also structure and design our surroundings to have a positive impact on the way we feel.

By choosing the right color schemes for different rooms in your house, for example, and making sure that they are consistently implemented throughout the home we can subconsciously invoke different moods as we walk from room to room. Blue is often soothing, new, and trusting, If we’re looking for warmth on the other hand, we’ll want to invoke reds, browns, and oranges.

Aside from establishing basic themes however there are also a few different fixtures you can add to a room to really drive the point home. If you’re looking to make a certain room particularly warm and cozy, here are a few things you could add to help boost the appeal:

A Wood Stove

A traditional wood stove or even a pellet stove alternative is a great way to go. Not only will it pump out tons of heat and make the area that surrounds it quite warm, it also has a visual appeal that will bring you back to your childhood (if, of course your family had a wood stove when you were young, our you knew someone who did).

One thing to keep in mind about a wood stove is that they do create a distinct smell when you use them. It can be a bit strong, and as such some people are simply not a fan of the smell. I personally find it somewhat soothing itself, so it’s a bit of a matter of personal preference.

An Electric Fireplace

Another route you could go these days is with an electric fireplace. They’ve come a surprisingly long way in recent days, and now you can find models that are quite realistic. The great thing about electric fireplaces is that you get all of the warmth and even some of the visual appeal of more traditional alternatives like a wood stove, but you don’t have the smell, you don’t need wood, and you don’t have an actual fire in your home.

You can find them in a number of different styles and designs as well. From inserts for a traditional fireplace to wood stove-like designs to even wall mounted designs. One cool way they’ve been implemented is as a TV stand, making them a functional piece of furniture. You can see a few of these few options at this site, and see if it’s something you’d want to consider for your home.

An Infrared Heater

If you’re into the warmth aspect but don’t care much about having a visually appealing centerpiece, an infrared heater can go a long way and save you some money at the same time when compared to the previous two options we’ve discussed. You can find them for relatively cheap money and they look rather sleek, so you can easily blend them into a corner of your room.

They’ll put out plenty of heat to give your room a little extra warmth to really make it a cozy place to spend your time. There are of course other types of space heaters you could use instead, this is just one of the more modern technologies that seems to be preferred these days.

Do you have any other ideas along these lines? If so, please share! I’d love to hear what you have in mind.